Why Boedeker Plastics, Inc. for Precision Machined Plastic & Composite Parts?



Plastics Only Machining

  • We specialize in machining plastics and composites only to eliminate any cross contamination with metals or other materials in critical electrical, medical and other industries & applications. 


Quality Focused, Backed By State of the Art Metrology 

  • We are committed to quality and are ISO 9001 & 13485 certified, ITAR Registered, 21 CFR 820 Compliant and FDA registered.  We utilize coordinate measuring machines, imaging systems and other systems for part verification to ensure our parts are manufactured within tolerance.


A Wide Range of CNC Machining Technologies


Prototype to Production Quantities & Technical Support

  • We work closely with our clients on prototypes during the initial stages of product development assisting with material selection and design to maximize machined part manufacturability and performance.  In addition, we can support small to large production quantities for machined parts.  We also have injection molding capabilities when part quantities justify going from a machined part to injection molding.

Some of the Plastic & Composite Materials We Specialize in Machining Include:

ABS Plastic Grades

Acetal Plastic Grades

Acetron® Plastic Grades

Acrylic Plastic Grades

Celazole® PBI U & T Series Plastic Grades

CIP™ Composite Grades

Delrin® Plastic Grades

Duratron® T PAI Plastic Grades

Duravar® UHMW Plastic Grades

Durostone® Composites Grades

Ertalyte® Plastic Grades

Fluoropolymer Plastic Grades

G10 FR 4 Composite Grades

Hydex® Plastic Grades

Ketron® PEEK Plastic Grades

Noryl® PPO Plastic Grades

Nylatron® Polyamide Plastic Grades

Nylon Cast & Extruded Polyamide Plastic Grades

PC Polycarbonate Plastic Grades

PE Polyethylene Plastic Grades

PEEK Polyetheretherketone Plastic Grades

Phenolic Composite Grades

PLAVIS® Polyimide Plastic Grades

PP Polypropylene Plastic Grades

PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide Plastic Grades

PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene Plastic Grades

PVC & CPVC Plastic Grades

Radel® PPSU Plastic Grades

Rulon® Plastic Grades

Semitron® ESd Semiconductor Plastic Grades

TECAPEEK® PEEK Plastic Grades

Techtron® PPS Plastic Grades

TIVAR® Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic Grades

Torlon® PAI Polyamide-imide Plastic Grades

Turcite® A, B & X Plastic Grades

UHMW Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic Grades

ULTEM™ PEI Polyetherimide Plastic Grades

Vespel™ Polyimide Plastic Grades



Customer Inventory Programs | Just In Time Supply (JIT)

  • We offer inventory programs for customers with just in time supply (JIT), reducing their costs associated with managing and maintaining large part inventories at their facility.  With our machining and molding capabilities we can help clients consolidate supply sources as well and provide further cost savings.




  • Our staff has over 1,800 + years of combined plastics experience and stands ready to assist with technical support, project management & delivering a high quality product.