What is CNC Turn / Milling?

Turn / Milling is a hybrid CNC (Computer Numerical Control) subtractive manufacturing machining technology that combines turning and milling operations into one machine, which combines a lathe’s chucks and spindles with the capabilities and milling power of a machining center.




When to use CNC Turn / Milling?

This process is ideal for parts that have both turning and milling steps, high part volume, complex geometries requiring multi-axis machining and tight tolerances. 

With its multi-tasking capabilities, it requires only one machine set up and produces parts with faster cycle times when compared to utilizing a separate lathe and milling machine.  Another advantage is eliminating multiple set-ups which can also introduce tolerance error.

Why use Boedeker Plastics, Inc. for plastics or composite CNC Turn / Milling?

Our shop has several CNC Turn / Milling Machines which are backed by years of experience in plastics & composites only CNC machining.  We have the experience, personnel & technology to provide reliable supply of high quality CNC machined plastic & composite parts.  We also specialize in providing clients with Just in Time Supply (JIT) inventory services to help reduce inventory costs and provide parts as needed without long lead-times.


Our Turn / Milling Equipment

  • Gildemeister CTX 410 Lathe
  • Gildemeister CTX 420 Lathe
  • Gildemeister GMX 250 Linear Lathe
  • HAAS - ST30SSY Lathe


Some of the Plastic & Composite Materials We Specialize in Machining Include:

ABS Plastic Grades

Acetal Plastic Grades

Acetron® Plastic Grades

Acrylic Plastic Grades

Celazole® PBI U & T Series Plastic Grades

CIP™ Composite Grades

Delrin® Plastic Grades

Duratron® T PAI Plastic Grades

Duravar® UHMW Plastic Grades

Durostone® Composites Grades

Ertalyte® Plastic Grades

Fluoropolymer Plastic Grades

G10 FR 4 Composite Grades

Hydex® Plastic Grades

Ketron® PEEK Plastic Grades

Noryl® PPO Plastic Grades

Nylatron® Polyamide Plastic Grades

Nylon Cast & Extruded Polyamide Plastic Grades

PC Polycarbonate Plastic Grades

PE Polyethylene Plastic Grades

PEEK Polyetheretherketone Plastic Grades

Phenolic Composite Grades

PLAVIS® Polyimide Plastic Grades

PP Polypropylene Plastic Grades

PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide Plastic Grades

PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene Plastic Grades

PVC & CPVC Plastic Grades

Radel® PPSU Plastic Grades

Rulon® Plastic Grades

Semitron® ESd Semiconductor Plastic Grades

TECAPEEK® PEEK Plastic Grades

Techtron® PPS Plastic Grades

TIVAR® Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic Grades

Torlon® PAI Polyamide-imide Plastic Grades

Turcite® A, B & X Plastic Grades

UHMW Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic Grades

ULTEM™ PEI Polyetherimide Plastic Grades

Vespel™ Polyimide Plastic Grades