Chemical Resistance



Below are several downloadable documents for reference only on various plastics.  If you do not see the material or chemical you are looking for please contact us. 

It is important to note that different concentration levels and higher temperatures usually result in greater chemical attack. 

Once you have selected a material or multiple material options it is highly recommended to test for fitness in use in your specific application. We stock almost all of the materials we sell, small samples are available for purchase for your evaluation.


Downloadable Chemical Resistance Guides

Download Boedeker Chemical Resistance Guide

Download MCAM (Formerly Quadrant Engineering Plastics) Chemical Resistance Guide

Download Ensinger Plastics Chemical Resistance Guide

Download Industrial Laminate (G-3, G-9, G-10 FR-4, G-11, Phenolic L, Phenolic C) Chemical Resistance Guide 

Download KYNAR Chemical Resistance Guide 


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