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Check Out PolyPly Armor Composite - Ideal for Plywood Replacement


Watch our video for over view of PolyPly Armor, an XtremeEPP composite sheet comprised of continuous long glass fiber and polypropylene. It offers extreme impact resistance and ultimate durability in a cost-effective, lightweight continuous sheet.

PolyPly Armor has an easy-to-clean surface, superior resistance to moisture and chemicals, and a service temperature of up to 200F. It is dimensionally stable and high strength with typical flexural modulus values of 750,000 psi in the cross-ply direction and 1.5 Million psi in the machine direction. PolyPly Armor’s most impressive feature is its impact toughness.PolyPly Armor is an ideal replacement for FRP, Plywood, and Aluminum other common materials. It has been used to line trucks and shipping containers to provide a durable yet easy to clean interior that will not degrade from exposure to the elements. It excels as a replacement for plywood floors and walls in RVs and campers to offer unbreakable, moisture-resistant, long-lasting, and lighter-weight structures. Other applications include tough, stiff, yet flexible, moisture-resistant concrete forms….and Mounting structures for Solar panels. PolyPly Armor sheet is ideal for storm protection from wind-blown debris with its unbreakable toughness. And it looks great, too, as it won’t rust like metal barriers or degrade from moisture like plywood. It is also UV-protected for long-term outdoor use.

This material is available in sheet thicknesses from 0.030” to over 0.5” thick. Standard sheet sizes offered are 48” x 96”. It is also available up to 108” wide in continuous lengths and can be coiled into rolls in thicknesses up to 0.25”. Coils offer long continuous lengths eliminating seams for a smoother and more cost-effective installation.

PolyPly Armor is available with a bondable surface layer for easy adhesion to existing structures or walls. Other attachment methods include screws, rivets, and ultrasonic welding. PolyPly Armor has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel, aluminum, and plywood, making it an ideal replacement material where toughness, moisture resistance, and long-lasting performance are critical.

Learn more @ https://www.boedeker.com/Product/polyply-armor-xtreme-epp-composite


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