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Boedeker Plastics, Inc. Stocks Semitron® ESd 300 PET

We have added Semitron® ESd 300 PET sheet to our extensive inventory of Quadrant’s Semitron® ESd electro-static dissipative engineering plastic product family, giving customers a new option for applications that require static control and improved dimensional stability over acetal based ESd products. 

Boedeker Plastics, Inc. was the first distributor to stock the complete line of Semitron® ESd 300 PET sheet in North America which is offered in full sheets, cut to size with same day shipping.

In addition, we manufacture precision machined parts from Semitron® ESd 300 PET in prototype to production quantities.

For full details on material properties and sizes visit our Semitron® ESd 300 PET product page

A New ESd Material Option – When Acetals are not ideal, and PEI & PEEK are overkill

Semitron® ESd 300 PET is one of the newest additions to Quadrant’s Semitron® family of electro-static dissipative (ESd) materials, Semitron® ESd 300 PET, fills the gap between basic ESd POM Acetals and higher cost and more extreme ESd materials like PEI and PEEK based versions. 

Semitron® ESd 300’s base polymer is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is characterized as exhibiting improved dimensional stability over nylons and acetals. 

Ideal for Dimensionally Stable Tighter Tolerance Parts

In definition, this product has a lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) and lower moisture absorption resulting in the ability to hold tighter machined tolerance for more critical finished machined parts (see Figure 1 below).  Semitron® ESd 300 PET is perfectly suited for applications where static dissipative properties are required along with the need for improved dimensional stability.

Semitron® ESd 300 PET Product Features:

  • Surface resistivity = 106 to 109 ohm/sq area (Static Dissipative Range)
  • Low CLTE and low moisture absorption
  • Non-sloughing
  • High mechanical strength coupled with good wear resistance

Semitron® ESd 300 PET Product Application:

  • Handling equipment for Semiconductor assembly and testing equipment, e.g. trays, guides, etc.
  • Processing tools for electronic components including condensers and sensors
  • Guides in packaging and wrapping applications where dissipation is important

The complete Semitron® ESd product family includes a wide range of materials based on engineering and advanced engineering polymers that offer various surface resistivity properties that range from antistatic to conductive for applications from cryogenic temps to over 400 F. 

Is Semitron® ESd 300 PET Right for your static control application?

Contact Us regarding your electro static dissipative application to explore Semitron® ESd options for static control.


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