About Us

Boedeker Plastics, Inc. is dedicated to supplying our valued customers with plastic & composite sheet, rod and tube and precision machined and molded plastic parts backed by service and support.

We serve many different industries, some of which include: Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, Food Processing, Semiconductor, along with many others. This has helped us maintain our business growth during lean times when one or more of these industries has gone through a downturn.  Our customers range from startups to large multinational corporations.  The materials and parts we supply and manufacture help solve challenging problems in critical applications related to corrosion, wear resistance, weight reduction, temperature extremes, and other areas.


Boedeker Plastics, Inc. is an American Owned and operated company with an expert staff with over 1,800 years of combined plastics experience. Our staff is comprised of over 150 employees with over 50 dedicated to sales and engineering support for our clients. 

We are proud of our staff and their long-term commitment to Boedeker Plastics. This has allowed us to retain our personnel over the years with very low turnover, providing our customers with a highly skilled technical sales staff and solid long-term relationships for years to come.  You’ll always know who to talk to and your representative will always know you, your business and your needs.

Our History

Marvin Boedeker, founder and President, started Boedeker Plastics, Inc. in 1984 with the concept of stocking high performance engineering plastics and composites, with cut to size and same day shipping service.   He recognized this gap in the industry when it came to high performance materials and cut to size service.  Due to the cost of these materials, most companies did not offer cut to size which forced the customer to purchase excess costly material.


Over the years our inventory has grown substantially as we have added new materials to keep up with the growing demands of the many industries we serve.
Our philosophy has been to remain in one south central location as we have grown to ensure the highest levels of service with our staff.  This has allowed us to leverage our resources and provide reliable service and greatly expand our offerings and capabilities.


Plastics The Boedeker Way


Cut to Size & Same Day Shipments  
Multimillion Dollar Inventory 
Over 1,800 Years of Combined Plastics Experience    
Hard to Find Materials & Sizes   
Precision CNC Cutting +/-.005”  
Cutting Capability up to 28” Diameter / Thickness 
Entire Inventory is Coded for Full Traceability 
MFG. Certs. And C of C’s Available Upon Request   
Technical Support  

Onsite Technical Support The Boedeker Way

In addition to cut to size and same day shipping, we help clients with material selection by application for our customers who need assistance selecting the right material for their applications.  Also, we have an Outside Staff of Technical Services & Application and Industry Specialists that assist clients with onsite consultation to solve challenging problems with plastics and composites in the field.

Plastics Only Precision Machining The Boedeker Way

In the early 1990s we started to realize that there was another gap in the industry when it came to precision machining high performance engineering plastics. Many of our customers were requesting finished precision machined parts from the high performance materials we offered. Plastics exhibit challenges with surface finish, dimensional stability and in some critical applications in the medical, semiconductor, and other industries, cross contamination with metals and other materials can cause serious problems.

In 1996 we added Boedeker Precision to support our customers that required finished parts with a precision machine shop dedicated and focused on machining plastics and composites only.

Over the years our facility has grown and now has over 100 CNC machines and is ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified along with other certifications and compliances. We have a wide variety of CNC equipment that is backed by professionals that are dedicated to machining plastics and composites only.

We are committed to quality and have a fully staffed and equipped metrology department with latest technology including vision systems, CMMs and more.



Our facility offers water jet, Swiss turn screw machining, turning, 5 axis milling, 5 axis routing, as well as secondary processes like laser part marking, cryogenic deburr and more.

We utilize the latest versions of MasterCAM, Solidworks and Pro Engineer software for programing and part design. In addition to specializing in plastics machining we help our clients with part design of plastic parts for new applications and for those converting from metal to plastic to optimize machining and part performance.

JIT Just In Time Supply The Boedeker Way

To meet the challenging demands of reducing inventory and associated costs in carrying large part inventories in manufacturing Boedeker Plastics, Inc. offers JIT supply, with our state of the art climate controlled part inventory facility.  This greatly reduces our customer’s on-hand part inventory and associated costs with carrying large part inventories providing our clients with parts just in time to support their manufacturing needs as needed.

We are committed to maintain the highest levels of service and quality for our customers for years to come by focusing on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We continue to invest in our personnel, facility, inventory, software and equipment to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s industry