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Plastic Molds, Molding, Resins, Pellets, Powders
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Sorry, we can't help you with this subject!

Boedeker Plastics is a world-wide distributor for many different plastic stock shape manufacturers. We can offer you a variety of plastic materials in sheet, rod, tube, and film forms only. If you seek full sheets, full length rods or tubes, rolls, or cut pieces of plastic materials in these forms, we can assist you. Our customers typically machine or cut the products we sell to make prototypes or products for their own use or for resale.

However, here are some things we DO NOT provide:
  •   resins, powders, pellets, or molding compounds
  •   custom-compounded or specialty mixed plastics
  •   molding equipment or services
  •   mold design or production services

Because we are not involved in the molding or plastics production business, we also DO NOT have any information about flow rates, fill rates, viscosity, gate design, or any other molding characteristics. Sorry, but it's just not our business and you'll have to get this information elsewhere.

For information about those products or services, try searching the Web for "plastic mold", "plastic molding", "plastic pellets", or other similar search terms. You may also try visiting one of the links below:

We hope you find what you are searching for ...

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