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Kydex ® Offering superior performance in extensibility, durability, impact resistance, fire retardance, and aesthetic appeal.
152 WG
CAPPED WOODGRAIN SHEET For Flat and Membrane Pressed Applications
General Information
Super tough, durable KYDEX 152 WG sheet brings new dimensions to membrane pressers in: extensibility, rigidity, abrasion resistance, and fire retardancy. This high performance thermoplastic sheet is available in five aesthetically pleasing woodgrain patterns; each substrate color is custom matched to compliment the woodgrain cap. It rates Class 1/A when tested according to the ASTM E-84, the Steiner Tunnel test and V-0 when tested to UL Std. 94 testing.

Superior Formability: For deep or detailed parts or where extensibility and durability are required, KYDEX 152 WG is unsurpassed.

Rigidity: KYDEX 152 WG is more rigid than most other thermoplastics resulting in parts that will deform less when loaded.

Breakage Resistance: With a Notched Izod impact resistance of 15 ft-lbs./in (795 J/m), KYDEX 152 WG offers outstanding resistance to breakage.

Abrasion Resistance: KYDEX 152 WG offers superior abrasion and burnishing resistance as evidenced by Hoffman scratch and burnish tests. If KYDEX 152 WG was to be gouged, the substrate of complimentary color camouflages scratches.

Fire Retardancy: KYDEX 152 WG is rated Class 1/A according to ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test (UL 723) in independent laboratory tests (in gauges <.040"(1mm)). It also rates V-0 according to UL94 independent laboratory testing.

Selection: KYDEX 152WG is available in 5 popular woodgrain patterns: Auburn Pear, Hayward Cherry, Solstice Oak, American Natural and Arturo Oak.Recommended gauge for membrane pressing: .040" (1.0mm).

RIPH: KYDEX is endorsed by the Royal Institute of Public Health for conformance to the standard of Hygienic Merit
PropertyTest MethodTypical Value 1
Specific GravityASTM D-7921.37
Tensile StrengthASTM D-6386,100 psi
(42 MPa)
Flexural StrengthASTM D-7909600 psi
(66 MPa)
Modulus of ElasticityASTM D-790360,000 psi
(2,492 MPa)
Notched Izod Impact Resistance @ 73° F (23 ° C) ASTM D-25615 ft-lbs/in
(795 J/m)
Scratch ResistanceHoffman Scratch1,800
Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa) annealedASTM D-648 168°F
Burnish Resistance9 (10 = no effect)
Flammability: Independent Lab Testing ASTM E-84
(UL 723)
Class I/A @ 0.040"
(1.0 mm)
Independent Lab Testing UL Std. 94
V-0 @>0.040"
(1.0 mm)
1All Values are based upon 0.125" (3.12 mm) sheet unless otherwise specified.
Not intended for specification purposes.

 Exhibits and displays
 Store Fixture Components
 Kiosk Housings
 Contract Furniture Components
 Miscellaneous Applications
 UL Std. 94 V-0 (independent lab)
 .040" (1.0mm)

Colors and Patterns
 Wood Grain - Pearwood  Wood Grain - Wild Apple  Wood Grain - Riga Birch  Wood Grain - Black Cherry
 Wood Grain - Spiced Fruit  Wood Grain - Honey Maple 

NOTE: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.
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